Solid Waste Conversion

Bio-Oil is the result of a chemical reforming process that combines solid waste material with high temperature and pressure in the absence of oxygen. This process transforms a complex distribution of organic molecules to yield Bio-Oil, which we formulate into Bio Resource Resins (BR2 ) that extend petroleum-based materials in many specialty-chemical applications like mastics, fertilizer coatings, anti-dusting agents, and anticaking agents.

Basically, livestock waste + heat + pressure – oxygen = high performance, low cost products that are clean, green and sustainable.

Waste Water Remediation

Currently, treating solid waste only solves part of the livestock waste problem, as many of the most troubling compounds remain in liquid manure. That’s why NuVention Solutions is also working on an algae-based wastewater treatment technology to reduce or eliminate harmful pathogens, nitrate and phosphourous.

Together, these methods make up the complete NuVention Systems Approach—and produce solutions that benefit agriculture, industry, the economy and the environment. Choose an application to learn more: